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Thank you so much for all your help. I think we made a great choice in choosing to work with you. Your communication and diligence has been fantastic in making this a smooth process. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who asks. - Eric

Desiree Thomas, Officer Manager and Loan Officer

How does Desiree make the biggest impact in the world? She lives by the quote, “The shortest distance between 2 people is a smile." “Sometimes," she says, “That's all you need to do to spread happiness." Desiree Thomas is a Portland native who passionately loves her community and all it has to offer.

Raised in SE Portland and currently living in NW, Desiree has a deep appreciation for the people who make up the unique community she is so proud to be a part of. She recently graduated from Portland State University with a degree in Social Science and a minor in Community Health. She enthusiastically uses her education and volunteer experiences with the Nursing Mother's Counsel of Oregon, Girls Scouts, and Head Start to make an impact on the future. Desiree says, "I find deep satisfaction in helping people be their best self and realize their personal and professional dreams.

Nothing inspires Desiree quite like her two daughters, Caleia and Henna. Their home is always filled with food, music, and laughter. As an only child, Desiree was taught to cook by her step-dad at 10, and was responsible for making family dinners at least twice a week. Her love of food coupled with her Palauan heritage has led her and her girls to have an adventurous palate. Growing up where family time was centered around the dinner table, a perfect night in their house will always involve a great meal, dancing to their favorite music, sharing stories about their day and working on the girls ever growing reading skills. Without a doubt the most rewarding and demanding job Desiree holds is raising two young daughters to be responsible, respectful citizens.

Her smiles are far-reaching, touching every Rose City employee and client, and her ability to sense what people around her need are what make Desiree indispensable. She sees her job as one of nurturer, making sure everyone at Rose City is happy, taking care of her coworkers' behind-the-scenes tasks so that they can focus on their work. Firmly believing that you treat others how you would like to be treated, Desiree is always shining positivity and acceptance.

A true sports fanatic, Desiree and her girls are die-hard Blazers fans and love the football season from start to finish. If you are looking for someone to talk scores with, Desiree will be happy to oblige! In her spare time she loves to read, indulge in the Portland food scene, enjoy the nightlife and take the kids to festivals--her favorite being Oregon Country Fair!

Contact Desiree at desiree@rosecitymtg.com or at 503-768-4248

NMLS# 1249530