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You are the best! Thank you so
much for handling everything so
expertly and quickly.
– Sara

Seriously, we can't thank you
We are sooo very excited about this home and the next chapters in our life. You are such an important piece to making this all possible. Feel very good about what you do for people!!! It is life changing stuff that really matters.
– Aaron

I can't tell you how happy we are and how deeply grateful we are to you for all of your amazingly, incredible work!!!! You really are the absolute best!!!! Thank you for going out of your way time and again to help us with our special situation living so far away!!!! WOW!!!! Thank you!!! We could not have done this without your caring help every step of the way!!!! Thank you for making this dream come true for us!!!!

- Fern and Brian

Jamie Gordon, Loan Officer

My name is Jamie Gordon, and I have been a mortgage advisor in Portland since 2008. This business and the loan qualifying rules are ever-changing, and I enjoy drawing on my creative nature to help clients determine the best mortgage fit for their situation.

Houses come in every shape and size in this city, so whether you are looking for a condo or a home with urban farming potential, I'd love to help get you that sanctuary. Not only will I be your advisor and advocate, I will personally process the loan, working with you from start to finish. It's my goal to reach out to you with updates before you have to even pose the questions. Through constant communication, I enjoy creating friendships. The majority of my business comes from client referrals which is a testament to the strength of my client relationships. I may be biased, but my clients are some of the kindest and most gracious folks around. This has made my job so fun. So, come have fun with me!

My love goes beyond that of just mortgages. I also have much love for (and in no particular order): Broadway musicals, bike rides, running, suspense novels, beach trips, wine, cheese, roller coasters, my patient husband, my two girls, my dog Byrd, Sammy the fish (RIP), Trader Joe's peanut butter cups, vacations, dirty dancing (the movie, not the activity), the original "Annie", family trips, girl's trips, my minivan, my backyard, my front window with a cup of coffee, trying new restaurants, shopping local, Organic Valley Vanilla Half and Half (it's back on the shelf and I'm hoarding!), and tap dancing around the house (literally).

If you find that we are living parallel lives on any of the above, let's cross paths and work together! You can also feel good about supporting Rose City Mortgage, a small local mortgage company. Trust me the money ends up right back into our community. I make sure of it!

Contact Jamie at jamie@rosecitymtg.com or at 503-577-6130

NMLS# 288429