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Photo of Kat Dunn

Throughout the entire process
we knew that you had us covered,
and I couldn't imagine better
people to have worked with.
Time and time again, Justin and
I commented on how secure we
felt with the process specifically
because we had complete
confidence in you. We're grateful
to have worked with such smart,
detailed, & caring people....and
we had a really fun time!
– Jessica K. 

My wife and I recently bought
our first house. Kat really made
the process easy for us. For new
home buyers, the whole process
seems incredibly complex and
confusing. She made it very clear
what we needed to do, and what
we could expect at every step.
We really appreciated the
communication we got at all
times. We always knew where
we stood, and any questions
or concerns were addressed
right away.
– Nathan and Amber E.

Kat Dunn, Loan Officer

The question that Kat Dunn asks is "How can I help?" She naturally sees a situation and wants to make things better for others. That's why when she travels she's focused more on the people than she is on lounging at fancy resorts. On one of her trips, Kat delivered much-needed supplies to schools and hospitals. "We found out that the Savannah LaMar Hospital in Jamaica needed a cast saw. I searched on Ebay for four months before I found one. We went down there and donated one and within the first day, they took off 40 casts. Before that, they were using hacksaw blades." 

Kat's dedication shines through when it comes to her career, too. In her 22 years of working in the mortgage industry, Kat has done nearly every job there is. She started off answering phones and has been a processor, underwriter, and document drawer. When she decided to become a Loan Officer, she looked for an place that was known for its integrity, and she found Rose City Mortgage.

When she's not helping others, Kat spends her time pursuing her passions: history, and trains. She and her family have purchased a home in Wishram, WA, so they can document the town's locomotive history. They even created their own website, www.historyhunters.net.

Kat is a gifted energy healer and especially skilled at utilizing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for the law of attraction and abundance. She's completed Pranic Healing levels I, II and III training as well as EFT Certification levels I and II. Kat has worked and trained with EFT Mentor, Alina Frank, since 2009 and has been asked to assist with the EFT Universal Certification classes. At the I Can Do It Conferences, Kat has volunteered with such notables as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Collette Baron Reid, Sylvia Brown and Brian Weiss.

Contact Kat at kat@rosecitymtg.com or at 503-475-3441

NMLS# 297179